Hi, I’m Thomas Lowbridge and I’ve been tutoring students for over 10 years.

Currently I only tutor online

What makes a good tutor ?

Tutoring can differ from session to session but I like to think there are three key features for a good tutor:

  1. Subject Knowledge
  2. Adaptability
  3. Approachability

To suplement these key features a good tutor should assess, progress and consildate the students knowledge. 

Contact me

If you’re intrested in having me as a tutor then please do get email me at enquiriestomteachesmaths@gmail.com


Pricing is currently £60 per hour for all types of sessions. This price includes help between sessions.


Currently I do not offer in person tutoring. While I have in the past online tutoring allows me to spend time between sessions helping students and keeping costs low.

Having done in person tutoring for many years before switching to online I can confidently say that online tutoring is as good as in person tutoring.

My personal preference is to set homework for students between lesson to allow them to consildate knowledge and let me know where we need to fine tune aspects of their learning. However I understand that some students are very busy and if they desire no homework can be set.

No you do not. I often recommend an initial lesson or two before comitting.

For online learning a webcam, microphone are essential and I highly recommend a digital tablet input for writing mathematics, but they are not essential.