Hi, I’m Thomas Lowbridge, and of course I don’t always look like I do in the photo.

I’m a teacher, tutor and doctor with a passion for helping people learn mathematics.

10 years ago I had the realisation that the way maths was taught in schools could be improved and so I set out to help people understand maths more deeply. 

In the following 10 years I’ve applied my great passion for eduction, creating content and helping people grasp mathematics while acheiving the results they want.

If you want to read more about my journey…

My Qualifications

A-Level Mathematics
A* (98% average)
A-Level Further Mathematics
A* (97% average)
BSc Mathematics
1st With Honors (92% average)
Qualified teacher status (QTS)
Doctorate (PhD) in Mathematics


During my A-levels is where my passion for maths started to bloom and I decided to take it upon myself to run revision classes for other students after school and entire days outside of term time to help students prep for exams. Ontop of helping other revise I decided to learn additional modules which were not required for the sylabus.

Undergraduate degree

After achieving 3 A*’s at A-level I went to the University of Nottingham (UoN) to study for my undergraduate degree in mathematics, during with I tutored younger students and started to help teach in local schools on Wednesday’s.

During my undergraduate journey I recieved awards for being the top student in both Year 2 and 3.

Teacher training

Following my undergraduate I went on to train as a teacher at schools in Nottinghamshire through UoN, obtaining my PGCE and my Qualified teacher status (QTS)

Doctorate (PhD)

To further my qualifciations in mathematics while working as a private contractor for a school and afterwards I studied for my doctorate in mathematics, during which I focused on stocashstic control and game theory. If you’re intrested you can check out my thesis.

My Projects


I have currently developed over 200 workshets to help students revise and grasp fundamental concepts for A-level Maths and Further Maths. This project was originally born out my student’s need for high quality material to reinforce their knowledge, but has since grown to cover more and more topics.

Core 80%
Statistics 40%
Mechanics 50%
Further Pure 100%
Discrete 30%
Further Stats 40%
Further Mechs 50%

Exam Questions

With the changes in the past couple of years to the A-level qualifications, finding exam questions that are still appropiate has become more difficult. It is my aim to provide sets of exam questions per topic so that students have a wealth of resources to revise and prepare for their exams


I am currently in the process of making videos on mathematics and education focusing on content as well has how to be productive and effective techniques to learning mathematics. These will start to be released later this year.

Contact me

Want to get in touch with me ? Feel free to connect with me and message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook . Alternatively if you’d prefer to email me do feel free to do so at enquiriestomteachesmaths@gmail.com