A Teacher, Tutor and Doctor passionate about helping people understand the wonders of mathematics while passing exams


I have been teaching and tutoring for 10 years and have helped all ages and abilities progress in their mathematical journey to success.

I specialise in teaching A-level maths and further maths to help students achieve their desired grades. With my hard work and attention my students gain the knowledge and understanding of the base principles and are able to build and improve on them to understand mathematics fully.


I currently tutor online privately or on various platforms, so wherever you are I can help you. Please contact me if you are interested in doing so.


I create high quality worksheets for my students to practise topics. Making worksheets have been a passion of mine to help students reinforce their learning and to practise and judge their present abilities on a variety of topics.

My worksheets have 5 main features to help with learning and revision, which are:

  • Key points to remember
  • Basic questions revising prerequisites and simple skills
  • Competency questions to practice skills
  • Advanced questions to push their understanding
  • Extension question to expand ideas and concepts


As well as academic resources for students to practise and hone their skills in mathematics, I produce videos with the aim of helping people both get interested in maths and be productive and effective when studying.  My videos can be viewed on YouTube, feel free to give them a watch, and I hope they will be useful.


Exam Questions

To complement my worksheets, I have also made exam questions to help students practise their exam techniques such as:

  • Timing
  • Working
  • Marking

The exam questions are made specifically to be exam board friendly and mimic an exam question for each topic. Mark schemes are also provided so that you can check and see how to improve your answers ready for your exams.

Prepare for your Exams

Maths Art

Is mathematics a science or an art ? Why not both.  During my spare time I’ve been coding various mathematical concepts to make them more visually accesible while being pleasing to the eye. This culmulated in designing various wallpapers and prints.

					def TrapeziumRule(function,lower,upper,numstrips):
    for i in range(0,numstrips):
    return TotalArea
def Quadratic(x):
    return pow(x,2)


A passionate of mine is linking mathematics and coding. Lots of modern day mathematics is done by computers and being able to code definitely helps to check and can help to reinforce understanding by the nature of coding requiring the problem to be broken down into it’s fundamentals